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Corporate Training Programs

We have a large pool of Training Consultants and Guest Training Consultants from throughout Malaysia to fulfill the various tailor-made requirements. The standard features of these programs are: -


Highly interactive, at least 80% workshop format where the participant is required to fully involve by Communicating clearly , presenting ideas and undertaking the group & individual activities.


Pre-evaluation prior to commencement to determine participant is there to learn only what he / she needs to learn.


Brain-storming, games and activities to ensure participants are following the modules. Time is adequately allocated for participants to present their ideas, share past experiences and on how to work collaboratively to implement the techniques learned during course.


Post-testing by follow-ups and interactive communication after programs to iron out problems and issues faced during implementation.


Sunflower Training & Consultancy offers a wide range of Public and In-house tailor-made programs. Some of the in-house programs are listed below. Contact us for further details.

1) Leadership & Managerial Capabilities

A) Personal Skills for Managers



Equipping & Enhancing Managerial Skills for New Managers


Managing Change


Managing Teamwork in Organisations
  > Developing Leadership & Management Competencies
  > Enhancing Managerial Image
  > Time Management
  > Conflict Resolution 每 managing conflicts effectively
  > Anger Management
  > Holistic Training - Stress Management
  > Excellent Corporate Communication Skills



Enhancing Presentation Skills

B) Interpersonal Skills for Managers
  > Coaching and Counseling
  > Mentoring for Peak Performance
  > Bringing out the best in you and your subordinates
  > Enhancing Interpersonal Relationships - excellent people management
  > Managerial Communication Skills
  > Corporate Grooming - Walk and Talk Like a Manager
C) Technical Skills for Managers
  > Effective Interviewing Skills for Manager
  > Effective Meeting Management
  > Effective Performance Appraisal
  > Strategic Thinking & Planning
  > On the Job Training (OJT)
  > Strategy and organisational planning
  > Train the trainer series
  > Decision Making & Problem Solving
  > Effective and Fair Performance Appraisals
  > Effective Supplier Management
  > Managing MAD : Mergers, Acquisitions & Diversifications
  > Zero Defect Mindset through Personal Coaching
D) Supervisory Capabilities
  > Bringing out the Best in Yourself and Your Subordinates
  > Supervisory Development Program for New Supervisors
  > Supervisory Skills 每 Course in Mandarin
  > Assertive Supervision
  > Coaching and Counseling Skills
  > Effective Brainstorming
  > Effective Performance Appraisal
  > Building a United Team for Effective Performance
  > Train the trainer series for Supervisors

Penyelia yang Cemerlang 每 Course in Bahasa Malaysia

  > Managing Employee Discipline
  > Managing Workplace Interruptions
  > Balanced Scorecard
E) Project Management Training
  > IT Project Management
  > Comprehensive Project & Risk Management
  > Document Management
  > Project Management Awareness


2) Operational Capabilities

A) Purchasing Department



Purchasing Expediting


Purchasing Negotiation Skills


Purchasing Management
  > Building Effective Purchasing Assistants
  > Effective Supplier Management
B) Warehouse Department
  > Kursus Operator Setor 每 course in Bahasa Malaysia
  > Warehouse & Store Management
C) Human Resources Department
  > Strategic HR Management
  > Proven Techniques of Recruitment & Induction
  > Interviewing Skills
  > Employment Act & Domestic Inquiry (EADI)
  > Setting up a Pay For Performance System
  > Workshops in Conducting an Effective & Fair Performance Appraisal
  > Grievance Handling
D) Line Leaders / Operators Capabilities
  > Positive Thinking & Work Attitude Programs
  > Motivasi & Sikap Kerja Cemerlang 每 course in Bahasa Malaysia
E) Clerical Department
  > Excellent Telephone Techniques
  > Clerical Development Enhancement
  > Improving Communication: Substance and Fluency

Problem Solving for Clerical Personnel

  > Enhancing Image and Productivity of Front liners
F) Customer Service Department
  > Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  > Building Customer Loyalty & Retention
  > Excellence in Customer Service 每 how to Win & Keep Customers
  > Interpersonal Skills Unleashed
  > Handling Customer Grievance & Complains
  > Managing Difficult Customers
G) Sales & Marketing Capabilities
  > Professional Selling Skills with Dato* Lawrence Chan
  > Making a Difference (MAD) in Sales with Anas Zubedy
  > Go Selling! With Anas Zubedy
  > Sales Goal Setting & Planning
  > Relationship Selling
  > Sales Techniques that Work every time
  > Call Business Concept 每 for Telemarketing Agents
H) Safety & Health Certification
  > First Aid
  > OSHA
  > Fire Fighting & Fire Safety
  > Setting up Safety Committee
  > Functions & Management of Safety & Health Committee
  > Safety for Forklift Drivers
  > Crane & Hoist
  > Emergency Response Plan (ERP) and Evacuation Drill
  > Accident Investigation
  > Total Solution in Welding
  > Management of Hazardous Chemical
I) Training Need Analysis (TNA)
  > TNA Project (1 year analysis)
  > TNA Awareness Program
  > Departmental TNA


3) Technical Capabilities

A) Technical Capabilities



Six Sigma Series


7 QC Tools


Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  > 5S
  > FMEA
  > Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
  > Total Quality Management (TQM)
  > Lean Manufacturing
  > DOE 每 Minitab & JMP
  > Cost Reduction



Zero Defect through Personal Coaching



4) Enhancement Capabilities 每 Programs for All

A) Public Speaking



Persuasive Presentation Techniques


PowerPoint Presentation Skills


Speaking up with Confidence
  > Making a Great First Impression
B) Corporate Image & Etiquettes
  > High Impact Grooming for Professionals
  > Creating Corporate Image for Women
  > Business Etiquette
C) Interpersonal Capabilities
  > Communication Skills
  > Win-win Negotiation
  > Interpersonal Skills Unleashed
D) Teambuilding 每 Outdoor
  > Focus on Building a great united team
  > Focus on Company Retreat & Recreation
  > Focus on Company Goal Setting & Direction
  > Focus on Company Alignment, Vision & Mission
  > Focus on Positive Work Attitude
  > Focus on Creativity & Thinking out of the Box
  > Focus on Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Skills
E) Mastering NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing)
NLP is essentially a model of learning that demonstrates how we can model human thinking, behaviour and communication to reach our potentials. NLP programs available: -
  > NLP for Sales
  > NLP for Negotiation Skills
  > NLP for Coaching
  > NLP for Communication
  > NLP for Personal Development & Peak Performance
F) Language Proficiency Programs
  > English Language Competency - In-house
    - Spoken English
    - General English (Spoken, Written, Reading & Social Skills)
    - Business English
    - Business Writing Skills 每 Reports, Letters and Emails
    - 1 on 1 English 每 personalized tutoring
English Language Competency - Group sessions at Sunflower English Language Learning Centre, Bukit Jambul, Penang for: -
    - Young Learners English
    - General English
    - Business English
  > Other Languages includes Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia, German, Japanese and French