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Having Trouble finding the best education for your children?

Look No Further!

Sunflower Tutorial Services is one of the best personal tuition providers in the northern region, with service experience and proven track records of over 15 year. With our large base of teachers and tutor, we provide home tuition services at affordable rates.

Through personal tuition, students are given personal attention in their studies. Their strength and weaknesses will be identified by our tutors, giving special attention on problem areas.


"Sunflowers starting its services in Ipoh is good news, previously I must put in a lot of effort and time sending my children to various tuition centers for tuition.
Personal attention given by Sunflower tutors is really efficient."


New Students' Guide

Students these days are facing tremendous pressure attending tuition classes and extra classes after school hours. This is where home tuition plays a role by providing tutors to the student's home at a time that is convenient to you.

According to a Singapore education survey, home tuition is the most prefered form of education. The reasons are obvious; a flexible timetable to fit into a tight work schedule, tutors who come to the home eliminates chauffeuring to and fro, saves on travelling time and beats traffic jams. In cases where both parents work, they rely on a home tutor to educate their children, help with homework and provide additional knowledge to cope with an ever-increasing school workload.

Each student is unique, with a different level of capacity to absorb and understand the lessons taught in school. An individual home tutor goes according to the students pace and thus provides quality education.

Sunflower Tutorial Services was established in 1989 with the sole purpose of providing experienced and qualified tutors throughout the Northern Region. There are currently more than 1500 full time and part time tutors who cover a wide range of levels and subjects. Thousands of students and parents have depended on the agency to provide tutors to their home.

How Does It Work

Once you register, it is our responsibility to find you the most suitable tutor according to your area, subjects and preferences. This service is FREE. The tutors will pay our commission, which will be a percentage of their first month fees.

While STS does not guarantee a perfect match everytime, we will do our best. There is no obligation on your part to engage any particular tutor assigned by us. You may talk to a few tutors and choose one that is suitable to your requirements. If after a trial you feel that the tutor sent is not suitable, please let us know, and a change can be made.

Your registration can be made online, or by calling any of the Contacts nearest to you. We will notify you as soon as your registration reaches us.

Validity Check

Parents have the right to check and verify the tutors when they meet personally for the first time. This checking can be in the form of original NRIC, documentation on qualifications or certificates from their working place/school. Please do not engage a tutor whose documents do not match those given to you by Sunflower Tutorial Services.


Either party can terminate the agreement between student and tutor. In such cases, the student has the responsibility of settling all payment due to the tutor. You can contact us again should you need our services for any new requirements.


All tutors registered with us follow strict rules and regulations. We have checked all information and credentials given by them. However in case of discrepancies, please let us know so that we can make further inquiries on your behalf.

Sunflower Tutorial Services is not responsible for any conflict that may arise between students and tutors, nor liable for any damages that could arise anytime during the entire tuition duration or by use of this website.

Registration Procedures

For students wishing to register personally, please call up the main branch as in Contact Us.

For students registering online, you can go through the Tuition Rates for an estimate of tuition fees, and then fill up the Student Registration Form.