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'As a tutor with Sunflower Tutorial Services for the past 10 years or so, I feel they have always been dedicated towards excellence in education.

Sunflower has helped both students and tutors in establishing great educational and personal goals. Their responsible and caring attitude has made it an ideal centre for us tutors and students.'


'Being a Full-time Tutor with Sunflower Tutorial Services all these while has given me the desired income, personal satisfaction, a channel to do what I like best; teaching students, and most importantly the flexibility to manage my time and be there for my family.'


"The Double Advantage¡¯¡¯ offered by Sunflower Tutorial Services is unique and effective.
I contact parents and students directly and discuss a tailor-made requirement to suit them. I leave the unpleasant negotiation of fees to Sunflower.
I like this job because it can satisfy the students education needs, give me a good income and have time for my Masters studies. Keep up the good work Sunflower!



Excellent Tutor Certification Training Program (ETC)
This program is conducted every quarter of the year. The first ETC upon registration is compulsory for non-school teachers and highly encouraged for all members. Tutors who attend ETC will be awarded Certificate of Attendance and issued an Excellent Card which is valid for a year.
Objective of ETC :
To familiarise Home Tutors with the necessary skills, teaching terms and time-table regulations governing private tutoring.
To create awareness on the student psychology; the difference between student behaviour during school lessons and individual tutoring and how to overcome them.
To certify to Customers that Tutors have been provided the necessary training of handling issues regarding private tutoring, and are covered by Insurance & Hospital Benefits
Benefits of Excellent Card :
Carries a 24 hour worldwide protection of Personal Accident (PA) coverage and Hospital Benefits
Acts as a surety for customers who require validation on tutors being registered with Sunflower Tutorial Services
New Tutors Guide

Sunflower Tutorial Services was established in 1989 and currently has more than 1500 registered tutors. This list is growing daily. These Tutors are either part time or full time members, some tutors are active members for more than a decade.

How Does It Work

Once you register, your details will be included in STS database. We will find your students according to your requirements. In most cases the tuition is on a one to one basis at the student's house. It will be for twice a week at 1.5 hours each session, covering 1, 2 or 3 subjects at a time. Sometimes tuition is held in a group and sometimes it can be arranged at the tutor's house. Check out the tuition rates here.

You do not have to undertake all assignments that are sent to you. When we send you information of a particular case, you must call the student or parents to talk and decide whether you would like to take up this tuition.

As a tutor, you are the priority in our organization. As your agent we will do our best to provide students at competitive rates and a conducive environment.

What Are The Qualifications To Register As Tutor

STS maintains its reputation with high quality, experienced and dedicated tutors. Only applications which pass the minimum requirements will be accepted. As a tutor, you must have at least good STPM qualifications and some experience teaching tuition. An ideal person would be a school teacher or a lecturer. Graduates with teaching experiences are also welcomed.

Please note that the parents have the right to ask for proof of qualification to validate your statements. To save time and effort, both yours and ours, do not register if you are waiting for SPM or STPM results, do not have any teaching experience teaching students, if you are not sure of staying in your area for at least a year and if you do not have a form of transport to go to the students home.

Registration Procedures

All the information given in the Tutor Registration Form is highly confidential and will be used only for verification purposes.

To register, print out the Tutor Registration Form, complete it and send it to us at the mailing address. Within one week of receiving your form, we will contact you either by email or telephone.

You may also register in person at the mailing address or check the address nearest to you at Contact Us Page.

Terms of Payment

For registration via computer, do not send the registration fees together with the form. All tutor registration is FREE. Registration charges and Commission fees are only applicable upon the first successful home tuition confirmation.

For in-person registration at the centre, you may choose to either pay the Registration Fees immediately or settle it upon the first home tuition confirmation.

Methods of settling payment are through Credit Card withdrawal, sending crossed cheque or bank into STS account.

Cancellation of Contract

Either the Tutor or the STS Management can terminate the agreement by a written cancellation letter within a 2 weeks notice.

Sunflower Tutorial Services has the right to immediately cancel the contract in cases of fraud, information in application form is wrong, negligence in settling commission owed to the agency or misconduct in carrying out assignments.

Traveling Charges

Tuition rates fixed by us covers a normal radius of distance, which is between 4 to 6 kilometers to the place of tuition. For further distances, you can ask for traveling expenses. These additional fees are solely for the tutor and STS will not collect commission for it.

Income Tax

All STS Tutors are self employed and are directly responsible in income tax matters. You are advised to use your own prerogative in keeping records for annual tax forms.

Study Materials

Generally, tutors follow the text books and syllabus provided by the school of their students. For additional materials, you may buy them yourself and charge the student. All tutors should have their set of preparation papers and past year questions.

All these are on a case to case basis, and you can always consult us for guidance whenever necessary.